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In an industry in which the challenges are endless and the needs change frequently, we attach great importance to high standards of distribution, in-depth knowledge and professional employees, which enable us to give every customer the ideal solution tailored to their needs while ensuring professional and kind service, and meeting both marketing and technical needs.
Our top products include the information and cyber security systems by the world’s leading information security company – Fortinet.

  • FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls

    Easy to adopt and manage information security solutions that integrate security solutions to protect the customer’s site. Provide total and comprehensive protection and allow application in different network configurations.

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  • FortiSandBox Cyber Attack Protection

    A virtual system that detects zero-day attacks by actually executing suspicious files and checking the validity of their behavior in a secure and controlled environment.
    If needed, the system blocks the suspicious file and prevents it from getting into the network.

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  • FortiWeb Internet Server Protection

    This web application firewall solution provides full protection from all kinds of web application attacks, as well as buffer overflow, SQL injection, cross-site scripting and parameter tampering attacks.

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  • FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer Management and Monitoring Solutions

    FortiManager provides a central management of the information security policy that includes OS management, SNMP monitoring, security update management, remote system backup and restore and VPN management.
    FortiAnalyzer is a central report and log collection system that provides an up-to-date snapshot of threats and network traffic.

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  • FortiSIEM

    FortiSIEM provides the customers a better visibility into the information going through the corporate network and the attached devices.
    FortiSIEM enables compatibility and network information sharing thus recognizes and notifies the administrator on attacks in real-time.

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  • FortiAuthenticator Advanced Authentication Measures

    Token-based two-factor authentication solution.
    The token is available both in hardware and software configuration (for mobile devices).

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  • FortiADC Load Balancers

    An advanced load balancing system that includes dedicated processors for various tasks against server farms, for server load reduction and a better user experience.

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  • FortiDDos Protection against Denial of Service Attacks

    Network protection from denial of service (DOS) attacks; provides a total protection for all of the company’s network services and servers and enables immediate traffic block if needed.

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  • High-Performance, Cost-Effective Switches

    Fortinet FortiSwitch platforms are based on a target meeting the Ethernet infrastructure and today’s network end provision needs.
    Our switch platform enables you to increase your performance according to your needs, in a low usage cost in order to meet the demands of broadband applications from small offices to the largest data center.

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  • Secure, Enterprise-Class Wi-Fi

    Fortinet FortiGate system is a full controller for wireless infrastructures with no additional license. Just add the access points to enable these capabilities.

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  • FortiMail Mail Server Protection

    A dedicated email protection system that provides maximum protection from coordinated attacks that include Spam, viruses, worms and spyware.

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