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Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks (NASDAQ: EXTR),  Founded in 1996.

  • Headquartered in San Jose, California
  • 50,000 customers
  • 9,000 partners
  • Business in 80+ countries
  • Cloud-driven, end-to-end networking solutions
  • 4th generation cloud architecture
  • 1,100+ patents worldwide
  • Award winning services and support
Extreme Solutions

As the industry’s only cloud-driven, end-to-end enterprise networking vendor, our mission is to provide agile, reliable, and secure cloud-driven enterprise network solutions that give our customers complete network visibility, control, and insights to help meet their business objectives.

Extreme’s cloud – whether public, private, or locally hosted – makes network management easier. It enables partners and customers to manage, automate, and gain intelligence from network technologies and devices, from the edge to the enterprise data center, leveraging intelligence from machine learning and assurance from AI.


Our wireless, switching, and routing portfolio provides a broad range of

end-to-end connectivity solutions, utilizing industry-leading technologies to

deliver speed, scale, reliability, and security for all of your users, devices, and applications, no matter where they are located.

And our software solutions streamline and automate the management of ourwired and wireless technologies, protect the edge to the data center, fuel

business and IT system integrations, and unlock new insights and analytics.

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