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  • Extreme CLOUD™ IQ

    ExtremeCloud™ IQ helps organizations automate end-to-end, edge-to-DC network operations, unlock new analytic, and secure and optimize the end user and application experience.
    Edge to Data Center solutions for all of your network needs.
    Management, intelligence, & assurance to optimize both your network and business. Real-time dev, continuous ML/AI innovation.

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  • ExtremeRouting MLX Series

    Multiservice IP/MPLS Core, WAN Edge, Border Router, IPSec Router and Network Packet Broker.

    Built with a state-of-the-art, sixth-generation, network processor- based architecture and terabit-scale switch fabrics, the MLX Series provides a rich set of high-performance Layer 2/3, IPv4, IPv6,
    Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), wire-speed encryption, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN).


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  • Extreme X435 Series

    Entry-level switches for distributed enterprises, branches & small sites

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  • X440-G2

    Extreme X440-G2

    The ExtremeSwitching X440-G2 series is a scalable cost-effective family
    of edge switches powered by Extreme Networks ExtremeXOS, a highly
    resilient OS providing continuous uptime, manageability and operational

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  • Extreme X465

    The ExtremeSwitching X465 Series is a premium stackable switch family
    providing high-performance, convergence-ready, resilient and secure
    Gigabit and multi-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Powered by ExtremeXOS.

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  • Extreme ERS 3600 Series

    Feature-rich Ethernet Switch platforms leveraging nextgeneration technology optimized for the Branch Office and
    smaller Wiring Closets. Extreme Networks Ethernet Routing
    Switch 3600 products sport the performance and agility to
    excel in conventional IP network deployments in additional
    to enabling the edge for Fabric-based solutions.

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  • Extreme ERS 4900 Series

    Next-generation, high-performance, feature-rich Ethernet
    Switch platforms specifically optimized for the Wiring Closet
    demands of the mainstream Enterprise. Extreme Ethernet
    Routing Switch 4900 products deliver the agility to perform
    equally in conventional IP and Ethernet Fabric-based
    networking solutions.

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  • Extreme SLX 9140

    Next-Generation Programmable Leaf Switch.

    • The SLX 9140 is a fixed 25/100 GbE top-of-rack leaf switch with 24 MB of packet buffer and an overall throughput of 1.8 Tbps in and out/1.2 Bpps non-blocking switching capacity.
    • It offers forty-eight 25 GbE SFP-28 ports and six 100 GbE QSFP-28 ports.
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  • Extreme SLX 9150

    Compact fixed form, purpose-built high density 1/10/25/40/100 GbE cost-effective Leaf Switches with built-in Extreme Fabric Automation designed for the needs of Enterprise data centers and service providers.

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  • Extreme SLX 9240

    Next-Generation Programmable Leaf Switch

    The SLX 9240 is a fixed 100/40 GbE leaf and spine switch in a 1U form
    factor that supports 24 MB of dynamically shared packet buffer and an
    overall throughput of 3.2 Tbps/1.3 Bpps. It can be configured as a leaf
    switch or connect to 40 or 100 GbE uplinks from leaf switches, such as the
    ExtremeSwitching SLX 9140.

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  • Extreme SLX 9740

    Next-Generation Fixed Form Router for Core Aggregation at Service Providers and Large Enterprise Data Centers

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  • ExtremeRouting SLX 9540

    Next-Generation Fixed Router with Flexible Edge Connectivity for the Digital Organization.

    The ExtremeRouting SLX 9540 is designed to cost-effectively deliver
    the performance needed to address the explosive growth in network
    bandwidth, devices, and services — today and well into the future


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