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  • FortiGuard Attack Surface Security Service – IoT

    The FortiGuard Attack Surface Security Service, integrated into FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls, continuously monitors and assesses your organization’s Security Fabric infrastructure and controls in place to provide an overall rating of your security posture.

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  • FortiGuard DNS Filtering Service

    The FortiGuard DNS Filtering Service highlights unusual DNS behavior to boost network protection and improve the detection of malicious activity and compromised systems. It also helps pinpoint the staging areas for rogue domains.

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  • IPS

    FortiGuard IPS Service

    The AI/ML-powered FortiGuard IPS Service provides near-real-time intelligence with thousands of intrusion prevention rules to detect and block known and suspicious threats before they ever reach your devices. Natively integrated across the Fortinet Security Fabric, the FortiGuard IPS Service delivers industry-leading IPS performance and efficiency while creating a coordinated network response across your broader Fortinet infrastructure.

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  • Fortinet FortiGuard AI-Powered Security

    FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services integrate with security solutions across Fortinet’s broad portfolio to provide market-leading security capabilities that protect applications, content, web traffic, devices, and users located anywhere. Go to the FortiGate Bundles page to learn more about purchasing the AI-Powered Security Services.

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  • Fortinet FortiGuard URL Filtering Service

    The FortiGuard URL Filtering Service provides comprehensive threat protection to address threats including ransomware, credential-theft, phishing, and other web-borne attacks. It uses AI-driven behavior analysis and correlation to block unknown malicious URLs almost immediately, with near-zero false negatives.

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  • Fortinet Sandbox Solutions and Services

    Sandboxing solutions from Fortinet detect and analyze zero-day malware and other advanced file-based threats. The combination of service and product provides a comprehensive, coordinated, integrated, and scalable approach to advanced detection and protection from file-based zero-day threats. The FortiGuard AI-based Inline Malware Prevention Service offers the industry’s first inline blocking on an NGFW.

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  • Fortinet FortiCASB

    The FortiGuard CASB Service – a dual-mode cloud access security broker (CASB) solution – provides security, scalability, and performance across SaaS applications, usage and data, using both inline and API-based CASB capabilities. The FortiGuard CASB Service is part of FortiSASE and Fortinet Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions, offering cloud-delivered security to managed and unmanaged devices and locations.

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