Unified management, granular application control and visibility, pre-integrated to seamlessly extend Fabric services to remote sites.

ExtremeCloud SD-WAN
Network and security complexity are rapidly increasing. Legacy networks are straining to support today’s hybrid IT environments, a mix of on-premises, cloud, and SaaS technologies, as well as real-time, bandwidth-intense collaboration services and applications required by hybrid work. As organizations adapt to an unprecedented rate of change, IT teams are grappling with a lack of automation and integration between technologies, a lack of broad and deep visibility, widening skills shortages, and increasingly complex licensing.

SD-WAN offers connectivity, continuity, and cost benefits. However, as both network edges and the attack surface increase, SD-WAN also creates management, security, and visibility challenges.

ExtremeCloud SD-WAN is a flexible, secure solution that delivers the benefits of SD-WAN, while reducing risk, simplifying operations, and improving productivity with Unified Management, Fabric to the Edge, and best-in-class Application Performance Management packaged as a cost-effective OPEX subscription.


Application Performance Management and Visibility
Consistent, exceptional user experiences and evidence-based network refinement.

Automated application discovery for more than 5,000 SaaS applications streamlines deployment and identifies shadow IT.
Intelligent application performance control analyzes and optimizes traffic to enforce an end-to-end, per- session QoS for critical application sessions, even when the network is congested.
Advanced application performance visualization enables at-a-glance performance assessment and rapid troubleshooting when needed.

Fabric to the Edge
Seamless extension of Extreme Fabric services over low-cost internet access transport improves visibility, performance, and resilience at all branches.

Extreme SD-WAN optimizes performance and security for tunneled Fabric traffic
Extreme Fabric enables zero-touch provisioning of Extreme Wi-Fi APs and Ethernet switches at branch locations
Fabric hypersegmentation enables secure connectivity, simplified compliance, and improved attack resistance against lateral threats.

Solution Components
Orchestration policies for SD-WAN appliances, topology, security profiles, cloud on-ramps, and end-to-end QoE.
Applications Any where simplifies and accelerates digital transformation with direct-to-internet policy definition for SaaS applications and maintenance-free cloud on-ramps —no VNF required.
Site-to-data center-to-IaaS connectivity over any WAN transport enables flexible, secure overlay topologies.
Built-in zone-based firewall enables VPN traffic segmentation and internet traffic steering (direct-to- internet, data center backhaul, and web gateways).
Advanced cloud-based security platform EdgeSentry (powered by Check Point) provides firewall as a service, secure web gateway (SWG), IPS, DLP, and more.
Optional bring your own security approach enables robust WAN and internet access security from leading vendors.
100% OPEX with flexible 12, 24, and 36-month terms reduces purchase risk and speeds time to value.
A range of speed tiers and SD-WAN appliances support the smallest branch to the largest data center.
Next-Business Day Advance Hardware Replacement ensures business continuity.
Industry-leading 7x24x365 global technical support and Extreme’s unique Customer Success program to help customers get the most from their investment.

Unified Management
Reduced complexity with a holistic management experience provided by ExtremeCloud SD-WAN and ExtremeCloud IQ.

Centralized configuration and management of Wi-Fi access points, Ethernet switches, and SD-WAN devices.
LAN-to-WAN-to-Cloud performance monitoring powered by AIOPs, contextual telemetry, and granular network and application performance visibility across users, devices, sites, links, and locations enables rapid troubleshooting.

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