Security Orchestration Automation & Response.


As the digital attack surface expands, security teams must also expand their defense capabilities. Yet, adding more security monitoring tools is not always the answer. Additional monitoring tools mean more alerts for security teams to investigate and more context switching in the investigation process, among other issues. This creates a number of challenges for security teams, including alert fatigue, a lack of qualified security personnel to manage new tools, and slower response times.

Integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiSOAR security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) remedies some of the biggest challenges facing cybersecurity teams today. Allowing security operation center (SOC) teams to create a custom automated framework that pulls together all of their organization’s tools unifies operations, eliminating alert fatigue and reducing context switching. This allows enterprises to not only adapt, but also optimize their security process.

FortiSOAR enables SOC teams to quickly and securely:

  • Manage security alerts, incidents, indicators, assets and tasks through a simplified, easy-to-use GUI
  •  Increase SOC team productivity by eliminating false positives and focusing only on the alerts that matter
  •  Track ROI, MTTD, MTTR through customizable reports and dashboards
  •  Automate within the Visual Playbook Designer, with 300+ security platform integrations & 3000+ actions for automated workflows
    and connectors § Minimize Human Error by employing clear, auditable playbooks and custom modules to handle ever-changing investigation
  • Scale your network security solution with a truly multi-tenant distributed architecture, from a single, collaborative console
  • Identify real threats with automated false positive filtering and predict similar threats and campaigns with FortiSOAR’s
    recommendation engine
  • Eliminate Repetitive Tasks through automation, correlation of incidents, threat intelligence & vulnerability data
  • Improve efficiency & effectiveness of SOC processes by customizing and employing FortiSOAR’s automation templates to
    save time and resources
  • Reduce security incident discovery times from hours to seconds reviews
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