AI-powered sandboxing solutions protect against zero-day and sophisticated cyberthreats

Fortinet Sandbox

Sandboxing solutions from Fortinet detect and analyze zero-day malware and other advanced file-based threats. The combination of service and product provides a comprehensive, coordinated, integrated, and scalable approach to advanced detection and protection from file-based zero-day threats. The FortiGuard AI-based Inline Malware Prevention Service offers the industry’s first inline blocking on an NGFW. Flexible deployment options include Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, virtual machine, and hardware appliances to suit any use case and type of organization.

Immediate Protection with Real-Time Analysis

The FortiGuard AI-based Inline Malware Prevention Service combines multilayered advanced threat filtering. It uses AV, CPRL, static and dynamic analysis with deep neural networks, AI/ML, and FortiGuard threat intelligence to render verdicts in real time without impact on productivity or security overhead. The service is available globally.

Comprehensive Security

FortiSandbox is the ultimate combination of AI/ML-powered detection and threat filtering. It detects and remediates threats that traditional approaches miss. Deploy as on-premises, cloud, or a hosted service for your enterprise, OT, or SOC needs.

FortiSandbox offers proactive detection, classification, and protection against emerging and unknown threats including zero-days, ransomware, malware, and sophisticated AI-based attacks. It functions autonomously or seamlessly integrates with the Fortinet Security Operations (SecOps) platform, offering comprehensive and coordinated defense against threats.

Inline Malware Prevention Delivers Real-Time Zero-day Protection

How Inline Malware Prevention Service Works

The FortiGuard AI-based Inline Malware Prevention Service does not let any suspicious files pass into the organization. A combination of AV, advanced threat filtering, and AI/ML narrows down file-based threats. This eliminates false positives to focus on unknown threats that can pose actual risk.

The service blocks all unknown files at the NGFW and sends them to the sandbox of choice for further real-time analysis.

Static and dynamic analysis of suspicious files results in sub-second malware detection and verdicts. If the file is clean, the NGFW will release the file to the user. Otherwise, the file will be blocked and quarantined for further action.

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