Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)
FortiSOAR unifies and optimizes the SOC activities that protect against attacks

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

FortiSOAR helps IT/OT security teams thwart attacks by centralizing incident management and automating the myriad of analyst activities required for effective threat investigation and response. Using FortiSOAR as a central operations hub to standardize and execute these workflows enforces best practices and allows analysts to focus on what matters most to protect the organization.


FortiSOAR unburdens security teams overloaded with too many tools to manage, too many alerts to investigate, and too many manual and repetitive processes that slow response. Using FortiSOAR, you can centralize, standardize, and automate IT/OT security operations and any critical enterprise function. With broad integrations, rich use-case functions, hundreds of pre-built workflows, and simple playbook creation, FortiSOAR supports best-in-class procedures tailored to your specific needs.

Fortinet Advisor: Generative AI Power at Every Step

Fortinet Advisor uses natural language and generative AI to guide, simplify, and automate security analyst activities. Seamlessly integrated into the FortiSOAR analyst experience, it informs and accelerates tasks such as threat investigation, response, and playbook building. Fortinet Advisor and the FortiSOAR ML-based Recommendation Engine help security teams make better informed decisions, rapidly respond to threats, and save time on even the most complex tasks.

Ideal for Enterprise and MSSP Deployments

The rich features, flexibility, and licensing of FortiSOAR are compelling for both enterprises and managed security services providers. Enterprises can choose from SaaS, on-premises, public cloud hosting, or trusted MSSP partners, all with the same robust functionality. FortiSOAR hierarchical, distributed, multi-tenant, and shared-tenant options, along with on-premises agents, fully support global enterprises, and the wide range of operating models required for MSSPs.

Features and Benefits

  • COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION – 500+ integrations, 800 playbooks, robust features, use-case solutions support SOC/NOC/OT efficiency.
  • AI-DRIVEN SECURITY OPERATIONS – Fortinet Advisor and Recommendation Engine guide and automate analyst activities, playbook creation, and more.
  • BUILT-IN THREAT INTELLIGENCE –  Built-in FortiGuard Labs global intelligence & public sources enrich investigations & power actions.
  • CONTENT HUB AND COMMUNITY – Connectors, playbooks, solution packs, best-practice videos, and community drive continued benefits.
  • NO/LOW-CODE PLAYBOOK CREATION – Patented design experience provides visual drag/drop & rapid development modes to create playbooks.
  • FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS – Choice of SaaS, on-premises, public cloud hosting, or trusted MSSP partners, all with the same functionality.
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