ThreatARMOR: Threat Intelligence Gateway


  • Block 80% of hostile traffic, botnets, and ransomware
  • Achieve a 15x return on investment in a single year
  • Reduce SIEM alarms and SecOps alert fatigue
  • Stay ahead of attacks with continuous threat updates
  • Optimize operations with full line-rate performance
  • Deploy in just 30 minutes, with no ongoing maintenance
  • Work smarter, not harder with a user-friendly dashboard
  • Improve resiliency with turnkey bypass switch integration
  • See on-screen proof of malicious activity for blocked sites
  • Capture data and events with on-box and off-box logging



Hackers may be tenacious, but they aren't perfect. Attacks are preventable—yet breaches remain as prevalent as ever.

So why are breaches so commonplace? Alert fatigue. SecOps teams work tirelessly to prevent attacks, but the sheer volume of SIEM alerts is immense, and vital clues are often missed. In fact, the Ponemon Institute reports that only 29% of security alerts are ever investigated.

You need to reduce your attack surface—and that means stopping attackers from ever entering your network. That’s why so many SecOps teams rely on ThreatARMOR to reduce their attack surface. As bad actors continually circumvent firewall filters, threat intelligence gateways like ThreatARMOR give you a more resilient defense—blocking threats by location, not behavior.


Malware relies on network communication to download instructions and transmit sensitive data. But ThreatARMOR™ makes it easy to stay a step ahead. By automatically blocking network probes, phishing clicks, and all traffic to and from untrusted countries, you can dramatically reduce your risk of zero-day ransomware mutations—all while reducing malicious connections by as much as 80%.

Additionally, ThreatARMOR™ easily combines with our range of Bypass Switches to enhance the effectiveness, availability, and resiliency of your cyber defenses.


The world leader in application and security testing, our Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center keeps ThreatARMOR™ updated with the latest threats. Our database contains more than 50 million records, and millions of new threats are analyzed and cataloged each month.

Our ATI Research Center supplies ThreatARMOR™ with an always-on stream of geolocation and threat intelligence—individually validating every single blocked IP address, every single day. Detailed Rap Sheets provide clear, on-screen proof of malicious activity for all blocked sites to mitigate the risk of false positives.

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